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2 years ago  •  3 subscribers 2 answers
Preferences: "not the rainy season", warm sea, sandy beach, abundance of greenery, local flavor. For two adults without children.
2 years ago  •  4 subscribers 17 answers
And if so, how much?
3 years ago  •  6 subscribers 8 answers
What are the prices in Nha Trang for sapphires and pearls, and in general for precious stones and jewelry? I'm not going to buy in bulk, I just want something for myself :)
3 years ago  •  4 subscribers 7 answers
3 years ago  •  5 subscribers 13 answers
So that it is not as crowded as in an anthill
4 years ago  •  6 subscribers 11 answers
I want a good sea and party hotel.
4 years ago  •  5 subscribers 5 answers
Tell me where in advance you can book an excursion to b. Halong from Hanoi. We plan to visit Hanoi for 2-3 days, just to see Halong
4 years ago  •  3 subscribers 2 answers
Tell me where to relax in June in Vietnam. I want good weather (beginning of June), to live in a bungalow in the style of a "Vietnamese village", a good, calm sea!
4 years ago  •  7 subscribers 6 answers
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