We want to return!

Written: 29 june 2018
Travel time: 4 june 2018
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For families with children
Hotel rating:
from 10
Hotel ratings by criteria:
Rooms: 10.0
Service: 8.0
Purity: 10.0
Nutrition: 10.0
Infrastructure: 9.0
We stayed in this hotel for 2 weeks at the beginning of June 2018. The most favorable impressions remained. They were a family - father, mother, daughter 7 years old. The room was on the 3rd floor - a large double bed and an extra single bed. The room is very clean, bright and comfortable. Bed linen is snow-white. Enough wardrobes and cabinets. TV on the wall is small. Balcony with dryer and table-chairs. Electric lighting is very well thought out - both ceiling and wall lamps. Generally spacious. The room is dry. Bathroom - great. Everything is brand new, clean (shower). View from the room - the sea. The territory itself is very landscaped - blooming and cozy. For children there is a sandbox, swings, table tennis. There is a barbecue. They liked to have lunch and dinner not in the dining room, but either on the terrace of the 3rd floor, or on the wooden veranda of the 2nd floor. We had breakfast in the dining room - 6-7 tables, clean tablecloths, TV, panoramic windows. Lots of light and air. Food is a separate issue. Very tasty and homemade. Breakfast is included in the price, lunch - soup, dinner - salads, hot, tea, coffee. The pay is moderate. Food is great. On the beach went sanatorium (subscription for money). Convenient for mom - you can wash (there is a washing machine) and iron - ironing board and iron are freely available. in general - a family vacation, very comfortable, calm. The atmosphere in the house - comfort and friendliness. We plan to return, but for a longer period.
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