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Written: 9 september 2017
Travel time: 28 august — 6 september 2017
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We rested in Miskhor visiting Zhenya and Oksana, Arkady and Alina in the guest house "Villa Elena K" in early September 2017.
We advise everyone who likes a friendly, trusting, homely, quiet and calm environment with all amenities to relax in this guest house.
Everything that you see and read on the site is true, although the information is incomplete, because. you can not take a kettle, tableware and kitchen utensils with you, everything is in the public kitchen, where, with the knowledge of the owners, you can restore, for example, the supply of sugar in the room.
A delicious breakfast was not repeated for ten days, and for lunch, borscht with donuts is exceptional, the cabbage in it is correct.
Change of towels and cleaning of the room every three days, bed linen every five days (regardless of the day of departure). Demanding hostesses, how many times a week do you do this at home.

To the beach of the sanatorium "Sea Priboy" from the hill 20 minutes, uphill 25 minutes. The beach is clean, sun loungers, awnings, showers, changing rooms, toilets with toilet paper and paper towels, Wi-Fi. Entrance is paid, 100-150 rubles per person, in the guest house ask about the subscription.
Specify all information about attractions, retail outlets and the shortest routes to them there.
Call if you are interested in details.
Vladimir, Svetlana
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