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Бачу вже тури в Турцію з’явилися. То цікаво, наскільки це не комфортно. Може хтось вже це випробував?
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6 days назад  •  1 subscriber No answers
From Kyiv or from western Ukraine?
2 weeks ago  •  5 subscribers 5 answers
Children only have birth certificates, and do they need parental permission?
2 weeks ago  •  2 subscribers 1 answer
The choice is between JUSTINIANO DELUXE and JUSTINIANO CLUB PARK CONTI. In the deluxe, the bay is more attractive, maybe the sea warms up faster there) We also consider GYPSOPHILA CLUB MARINE as an option. But it's a little more expensive. Thanks in advance!
3 weeks ago  •  2 subscribers 1 answer
Hotels in the same price category. Maybe someone had a rest and tell me the nuances? Maybe there is a difference in food, service or something else? Help me choose, please!
3 weeks ago  •  2 subscribers 1 answer
It is expensive to take a superior room from a tour operator, but I heard that this issue can be resolved in such hotels on the spot.
1 month ago  •  2 subscribers No answers
3 adults or 2 adults + child 14 years old. Departure from Kharkov, budget - 2000 dollars, for 9-10 nights. End of June - beginning of July.
3 months ago  •  4 subscribers 3 answers
If now excursions from Turkey to Greece? If so, is it possible without a visa? Is it an expensive pleasure? From which cities and where are there excursions?
3 months ago  •  4 subscribers 3 answers
Is it possible to rest in Turkey in May? Not cold? We are on vacation until May 25th. When and where is the best time to go? Alanya? Where is it warmer? My husband wants to go to Turkey, not Egypt. And if from 15 to 25? Will it be warm there? Can you swim? I was told that it was cold there in May and there was nothing to do there. Who was in May, share your impressions and advice, please.
3 months ago  •  7 subscribers 8 answers
Предпочтения - тусовочное место для взрослых. Яхты, гидроциклы, кайты, парапланы, воздушные шары, банджи, может рафтинг. Отличная еда и выпивка. Срок - 2 недели. Бюджет - до 5000 евро на каждого (до 30 тыс. на всех). Только, пожалуйста, конкретно: место, отель, сроки, цена и кто это организует. Спасибо заранее!
3 months ago  •  10 subscribers 21 answer
Please advise a decent family-type hotel in Turkey for a family with two children, the budget is 5-6 thousand dollars. Of the last ones I liked, Ela Quality, but this year they raised prices and we no longer fit in the budget. We prefer a quiet and peaceful hotel, that is, where they do not go to break away. Because of this, we often rest in a bungalow than in the main building. Dates - end of July - beginning of August. The beach is preferably sand or small pebbles, so that children can comfortably go into the sea.
4 months ago  •  11 subscribers 30 answers
Please advise a hotel in Turkey for 7 nights in June (two adults with a one-year-old child). We want the hotel to be quiet and peaceful. It is desirable that there be a first line, a sandy beach, food for BB and a place for the baby to play. Budget - 1000 $.
4 months ago  •  4 subscribers 3 answers
4 months ago  •  2 subscribers 1 answer
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