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Ozdere is one of the many resort villages in Turkey
This note does not pretend to be a full-fledged story about the resort village of Ozdere. Rather, the text is a continuation of the review of the Aria Claros Beach & Spa Resort 5 * hotel, a description of the nearest hotel for those tourists who are suddenly brought into the indicated comfortable r...
 •  6 months ago
A lot of letters, just the same "novel" turned out. As a rule, most reviews are either “good” or “bad”. About Aria Claros Beach & Spa Resort 5 *, in general, a positive orientation.
 •  7 months ago
Great hotel for your money
I really liked the hotel. Check in was quick and at the agreed time (14:00). The hotel has a main building and three-storey bungalows. We were settled in a bungalow. The room has everything you need: towels, soap, shampoo, slippers, balcony, air conditioning.
 •  10 months ago
Satisfied with the rest
The first impressions were not very, because the temperature in the yard was very low and the sea was 19 degrees, but every day it gets warmer and warmer, we even burned everything, although we use the cream every 2-3 hours, the sea is 25 degrees.
 •  11 months ago
Perfect place
I’ll write right away that I liked everything very much, but now in more detail. Room: we lived on the 4th floor of the main building, sound insulation is excellent, wi-fi in the room is excellent, cleanliness, beauty, cosmetics are replenished every day, in the refrigerator there are 4 bottles of ...
 •  1.5 year ago
September 8.2019 returned from a "vacation" in this "hotel". This is not a hotel, this is a neglected, broken-down, pioneer camp, for the "rest" of losers. There can be no question of any presence of stars of this "hotel"!
 •  3 years ago
A hotel where owners save on everything
I welcome everyone! While memories are fresh, I will share my impressions about the conditions of rest in this hotel. I hope the information will be useful for future visitors.
 •  3 years ago
Review of Aria Claros Beach & Spa Resort
We rested here before, so this time we decided not to risk it and go to a proven place. At the moment they provide a club house for relaxation, a family room, this is only one of those that we were.
 •  2 years ago
Review of Sunis Efes Royal Palace Resort & Spa
This is the best hotel. The service there was very good. The cuisine was at the highest level, even the alcohol was at the highest level. Europeans themselves are resting here, there were 1-2 of our people there.
 •  2 years ago
Was in 2 stars, which are much better than these 4
It's been a month since I returned from here. Emotions subsided, and I can assess this place as objectively as possible. I will say right away that the name and information bribed me that a major overhaul was done here in 2018.
 •  3 years ago
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