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Hotel in the center, for a good rest!
Nice, comfortable, clean hotel. Delicious meals half board + 5 minutes to the sea / to the center. And all this is not expensive! What else does a budget traveler need to be happy?
 •  The day before yesterday
Good hotel, if not for the wild number of cats in the restaurant
The hotel is excellent, and the winter concept keeps the brand. Perhaps, of all the hotels where we were, and we were in many places, one of the best for family holidays.
 •  5 months ago
The hotel is not 5 star!
I never write reviews about hotels, but I always read them and chose a hotel based on reviews. Very disappointed that I ended up in this hotel. From the very beginning, we were faced with the boorish attitude of the staff in the bars towards Russians and Ukrainians.
 •  6 months ago
Excellent hotel
We stayed with a travel agent at this hotel. Check-in as written from 15:00, but very friendly and well-mannered staff, asked earlier, and there were no problems! The hotel is very comfortable, everything is compact and well located!
 •  6 months ago
Total discrepancy between price and quality
Our main complaint about the hotel is the value for money. We stayed at the hotel on November 2-5.2021 and paid 122 thousand rubles for 3 nights, that is, 40 thousand. rub.
 •  6 months ago
Good family 4+
At first we were going to another hotel in the neighborhood, but while we were gathering our thoughts, the price for that hotel increased by almost $400 per day. In this connection, we found a couple of other options, including this one.
 •  6 months ago
Great hotel for a long-awaited vacation
Territory: compact and well-groomed. At the same time quite spacious and comfortable. Proximity to the center: the hotel is located relatively at the beginning of Kemer, 13 minutes walk to the center.
 •  6 months ago
Good hotel
We stayed at this hotel for 3 weeks in October. Our room was on the top floor overlooking the neighboring hotel. Pleased with the daily cleaning. Food is normal for three stars: soup, chicken, fish, pasta, rice, potatoes, snacks, vegetables, sweets and fruits (melon, watermelon, apples, tangerines...
 •  6 months ago
Good hotel
Stayed with my daughter in October. Lived on the top floor overlooking the neighboring hotel. The room had everything you need: a spacious balcony, wardrobe, refrigerator, TV, hair dryer.
 •  6 months ago
The hotel ruined the holiday
I'll start with the good: 1) Location: around the mountain, a beautiful view from almost any room (unless you get a room with a view of the hotel wall opposite, there are not many of them, but they are).
 •  7 months ago
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