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Terribly smelly hotel
I will be objective: the hotel itself is not bad, there is a water park, a beautiful view, close to the sea. BUT: located in a terrible hole, there are no cafes, no restaurants, no shops (only 3 grocery stores) around, there is nowhere to walk along the sea, there is no embankment.
 •  7 months ago
The hotel is just disgusting! You can't go!
In connection with the fires in Bodrum and Marmaris, we bought a tour to this hotel, at the time of paying for the tour there were not many bad reviews, they appeared almost the next day after our booking.
 •  9 months ago
People avoid this hotel
The first is distance. Not 82 km, but 120 km from the airport. The staff does not speak Russian. The hotel only Turks and Greeks. Ukrainians or Russians simply scatter against their background.
 •  9 months ago
The hotel is ok, but it's a maximum of 3*
The food is monotonous, no seafood, and it’s not cleaned, all drinks are diluted - beer, cola, sprite, wine, queues everywhere, 70% of vacationers are Turks, the beach is terrible dirt, garbage, there are few sunbeds after 10 to find a sunbed is unrealistic, half of those killed, the sea itselfand t...
 •  9 months ago
Read my real review before throwing away your money
The hotel is new. Very expensive repair, good, stylish, new rooms. Located near the airport - 1.5 hours by transfer. Wonderful view from the panoramic window to the sea, if you pay extra for sea view.
 •  9 months ago
The hotel is "weak", pulls on 4 with a minus, I don't understand why it is positioned everywhere as 5 *
The hotel is "weak", pulls on 4 with a minus, I don't understand why it is positioned everywhere as 5 *, even if there is a sign with 4 stars at the very entrance to the hotel.
 •  10 months ago
Everything is fine!
We were absolutely satisfied with the hotel, the sea, the beach and the resort of Didim. The service corresponds to the level of the hotel, the kitchen could be adjusted to the taste of European guests who predominate here.
 •  10 months ago
Nice hotel, wifi is free
The shore is sand, the entry into the sea is gentle, sand, then three meters of pebbles and then only sand. The rooms are good: New furniture, bathroom with new fixtures, comfortable beds and pillows.
 •  10 months ago
It's terrible! I do not advise anyone!
Skin word confirm photo. It's just a nightmare. Arrived at the Maril Resort Hotel 5 in Didim. The concept of UAl and "does not smell". 7 times already in Turkey. There is no such service as the hotel claims.
 •  10 months ago
Needs refinement
Cons: We waited for more than an hour to check into the room. Most of the staff do not know Russian at all and English is also weak. The room was for three - the child was not given a normal bed to sleep on a simple hard sofa (one day he slept on it in the morning barely getting up) so he had to ...
 •  10 months ago
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