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Great atmosphere!
I have stayed at this guest house twice. First time with my husband, second time alone. Guesthouse near Dalaman airport. The airport is 5 km away. I know people who walked) Taxi costs 40 lire.
 •  1.5 year ago
Can not be?! May be!
Or To Turkey for service! How everyone got sick of this COVID-19. . . as if everything had stopped all over the world. . . as if there were no more problems. . . Twice a year we fly on vacation - in NG and in August-September.
 •  1.5 year ago
Dalyan river and "kiss of two seas"
Morning. Hearty breakfast. Saying goodbye to friends found in the hotel with the words: - "I went to Dalyan", we went on an excursion. A trip to Dalyan is one of the most popular excursions to choose from in Marmaris.
 •  5 years ago
Week in Paradise
You don't have to fly beyond the equator to escape the world. We found our "Narnia" relatively close - in sunny Turkey. It was not that spontaneous: the things were packed in the suitcase in advance and he quietly waited in the corner for his hour, making his heart beat faster.
 •  5 years ago
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