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Great hotel for young people with or without children
The majestic building of the hotel is amazing! I thought we were driving up to the workshop of some factory, or to the airport terminal, but definitely not to the hotel. But after a couple of days I realized how well everything was thought out here, I found my favorite cozy places, and appreciated t...
 •  7 months ago
For lovers of gilding and cozy territory
Royal interiors, all in natural marble, carpets, mirrors, gilding, chandeliers, veneer... But all this is already 20-30 years old! It is touched up, oiled, repaired, washed.
 •  7 months ago
The homely atmosphere of the hotel is amazing!
This time we are with our 3 year old granddaughter! Why did you choose this hotel again, only in Trandi Lara you are greeted as a good guest, immediately surrounded by the attention of all the staff!
 •  7 months ago
Who is going for what
A huge request to those who will write reviews about this hotel, DOUBLE THIS PHRASE. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GO TO THE HOTEL WITH SMALL CHILDREN!!! We rest in this hotel from 10/12/21 to 10/19/21 I must say right away that it is BETTER NOT TO GO to this hotel FOR ANY MONEY: 1.
 •  7 months ago
Everything is great!
The food is very tasty and varied, fruits, vegetables, salads, meat, mussels, shrimp, everything is cooked very tasty. There are practically no queues in the restaurant, more employees immediately run up to help if they see a line of a couple of people.
 •  8 months ago
Doesn't qualify for 5 stars
In general, everything is fine in the hotel, but the food for 5 stars is clearly not pulling, for 3 stars with a stretch. There was practically no seafood, one type of fish was only served either on the grill, fried or stewed.
 •  3 months ago
Super hotel, great vacation
The most important criterion for us was that the beach was close by, and at the Citrus hotel the beach was 2 minutes away. The beach is clean, the whole territory is well-groomed and beautiful, a large promenade.
 •  7 months ago
Lovely hotel
I have visited Turkey several times already, but in the city of Antalya I stopped for the first time. The purpose of the trip was business, but despite this 3 days I still managed to relax and swim.
 •  7 months ago
Bypass this hotel on the tenth road!
I really want to share my feedback with travel agents and tour operators who sell this hotel. The hotel now offers a 3 * level service, but the price corresponds to 5 *, with a good, far from budget five.
 •  7 months ago
Read the review till the end please.
Good day! I want to tell you why you should not choose this hotel. Our family are regular customers of the hotel chain and have lost count of how many times we have rested here.
 •  3 months ago
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