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3 star hotel
I feel sorry for people who bought into the rating and 5 stars. This is a good solid hotel for 3 stars, where you have to pay extra for everything. Positioned upon arrival that the water is replenished in the refrigerator daily (1 bottle), but lived for 3 days - the water was only upon arrival.
 •  3 weeks ago
Hotel Covers Up Mass Stomach Infection Among Guests
Me and my girlfriend got hospitalized, along with a variety of other people from Mukarnas, with severe vomiting, diarrhea and high fever. We spent two days in the hospital, got pumped with IV, antibiotics and paracetamol.
 •  3 weeks ago
Ideal city hotel
Good afternoon! I'll try to keep it short, because Castle's review (below) fully reflects the situation: the hotel is wonderful and just perfect for those looking for a quality city hotel.
 •  1 month ago
Excellent hotel, gorgeous view from the window to the picturesque, breathtaking bay and turtle island
Everything is fine, even the fact that there is no Wi-fi in the room is a big plus, otherwise the children will sit endlessly on the Internet, they need to relax from gadgets, I will place special emphasis on the spa area, hammam is something, a professional team, starting withadministrators of Niga...
 •  4 months ago
Doesn't fit four
The agency assured us that we would like the hotel very much. We took a tour for two adults from 24.10 to 04.11. Disappointed and definitely won't come back and won't recommend to anyone.
 •  7 months ago
Gorgeous hotel, great staff, cozy atmosphere
They settled quickly, did not refuse the desire to settle in a quiet wing of the hotel (many thanks, Tina! ). The room is chic: cleanliness, order, everything works, safe, refrigerator, etc.
 •  5 months ago
Calm, cozy hotel
Arrived at night, so settled, of course, immediately. We filled out paperwork on compliance with coronavirus safety measures and that was all the checks were over. Tests looked only at the exit from the airport.
 •  7 months ago
Bred tourists
From the pros: The hotel itself is good. Large rooms with large balconies. This is all. Of the minuses: Windows facing the road, noisy. We paid for everything, we had a voucher in hand.
 •  8 months ago
The hotel needs a major overhaul
The only positive is that the hotel staff is friendly, check in quickly. Everything else is very sad. The rooms are very tired - furniture, plumbing - everything needs to be replaced.
 •  7 months ago
There is absolutely nothing
There is absolutely nothing!! ! Only the liver. The husband says that he has not eaten so much liver since kindergarten. Today was Turkish night. In honor of the holiday, we turned this liver))) Well, about alcohol.
 •  8 months ago
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