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Cheated and didn't get refund
Rating 1110

30 october 2021Travel time: 25 october 2021
Read to the end, save your peace of mind and your money.
I visited the store in Kanakli.
I chose a jacket, but it was in the same size. They promised me to sew exactly the same one and deliver it to the hotel in three days. Delivered! And I'm in shock!
They brought me a completely different model.
Arriving at the store, everyone convinces me in unison that this is the model I ordered. That is, I have to believe that I am stupid and do not remember which jacket I tried on.
I refused to buy this model, and with aggression they kicked me out of the store, saying that the money would not be returned to me, since I was obliged to buy it.
Friends, never leave an advance payment in this store, you will not receive it back.
Boars, deceivers - that's what I can say about the sellers of this store
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