Beach and coral reef in Ras Um Sid bay

I advise
Rating 9110

23 august 2020Travel time: 17 december 2017
A huge sandy beach, a lively colorful reef, and just hundreds of fish.
And every time I saw something new.
Several species of butterfly fish, angels, abudefdufs, surgeons, clowns, parrots constantly feed over the reef (they are not afraid of people at all). I just couldn't find the name of the others in the directory.
I saw sea urchins and moray eels.
With a full face mask, forget about time and get great pleasure. And drowning with her is generally unrealistic.
I swam 20 meters from the shore to the reef, although there are 2 piers, corals are not needed.
Near the beach there were always from 5 to 12 boats with snorkelers and divers.
Pts. a calm bay, the sea has never been closed for swimming. I advise.
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