What to see in Hainan?

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Top Attractions of Hainan

№1 inHainan
Monkey Island
Rating 9.0
Leisure, Nature
№2 inHainan
Nanshan Buddhism Center
Rating 8.0
Story, architecture, religion
№3 inHainan
Dadonghai Bay
Rating 6.0
№4 inHainan
Haikou Academy
Story, architecture
№5 inHainan
Volcano Ma An
Leisure, Nature
№6 inHainan
Mount Dongshan
№7 inHainan
Mount Wuzhishan
№8 inHainan
Hot Springs of Nantian
Leisure, Nature
№9 inHainan
Hai Rui's Tomb
Story, architecture, monuments and memorials
№10 inHainan
Tianya Tropical Animal Aquarium
Entertainment, Nature
№11 inHainan
Dazhou Island
Leisure, Nature
№12 inHainan
Sidao Island
Leisure, Nature
№13 inHainan
Wujizhou Island
Leisure, Nature
№14 inHainan
Wanlu Park
Leisure, Nature
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Dadonghai Bay
We were driving from an excursion and asked for a stop in Dadonghai. I really wanted to look at the most common and favorite place of our tourists. And to be honest, we were confused after the quiet and...
 •  5 years ago