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Magical Malta
And so we arrived in Malta. The first impression is hot. The climate is Mediterranean, somewhat reminiscent of Tunisia. Palm trees, cacti, and everywhere the sea. Traffic is left-handed, Malta is an English colony in the past.
 •  11 years ago
Day with audio guide
I've never used an audio guide before, so I decided to give it a try. It was not the first trip to Valletta and it seemed that everything had already been bypassed, but .
 •  11 years ago
One trip to Malta
I'm going to visit Malta + Sicily in the summer. Sicily is understandable, it is love forever, I probably will not get rid of it. But Malta is interesting. I was on an excursion to Malta a few years ago, spent a day on this island, and all my hands (feet?
 •  10 years ago
Is it worth going to Malta to learn English
I will definitely say that it is worth it. And not only for learning English, but also for a lot of positive emotions that you will definitely have while traveling to this unusual country.
 •  12 years ago
English at AM Language studio
Malta 200.5 weeks 16.05 – 20.06. 09. Feedback about the school: AM Language Studio In short, I DO NOT RECOMMEND! For those interested, I will share the experience of a 5-week stay: The school itself is small, at each level there are 1-2 groups of 6-12 people (by the way, students are distributed...
 •  13 years ago
An island where no one sleeps...
I flew in from Malta a couple of days ago and decided to write a review. I did not go specifically to any hotel, but to learn English with a group. Our residence was located in the city of Sliema.
 •  14 years ago
I want to go back to Malta!
I'm going to travel in the summer on a tour of Malta + Sicily with my favorite tour operator (TRIS T). Sicily is understandable, it is love forever, I probably will not get rid of it.
 •  10 years ago
Hotel Roma in Sliema (Malta)
We rested in Malta for a week, stayed at the Roma Hotel in Sliema. The hotel is honestly mediocre. Doesn't even deserve 3 stars. The furniture is all useless. Everything is in shades of grey.
 •  14 years ago
Fisheble rest
If we talk about the centuries-old traditions of English aristocrats and their way of rest, this hotel L-IMGARR is a reflection of these events: trained staff, shocking (almost, operating, cleanliness), dishes in a restaurant-like at the Vienna Ball, food and drinks (wine) and whiskey) -the world's ...
 •  14 years ago
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