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Dedicated to those planning to visit Montenegro
Plans to spend your vacation in Montenegro and get to know this Balkan country were formed back in pre-Covid 2019, but a number of reasons prevented this, and the dream was destined to come true only in September 2021.
 •  3 months ago
Montenegro. The Velvet season. Part three. Gastronomic with a light romantic flair
Montenegro. The Velvet season. Part one. "Introduction" >>> Montenegro. The Velvet season. Part two. "Excursion-tourist" >>> And sane! Having got acquainted with the expanses of the sea, mountain peaks and urban architecture, one cannot ignore the gastronomic part of the program, because everyone kn...
 •  6 months ago
Montenegro. Velvet season. Part two. "Excursion and tourist"
Montenegro. Velvet season. Part one. Dating>>> In order to get to know the country better, of course, you need to delve into its history and modernity. Despite its modest size, Montenegro is very different in its climatic zones.
 •  6 months ago
Montenegro. The Velvet season. Part one. "Acquaintance"
I would learn Serbian just because That you can laugh without purpose. Montenegro this year has become a general hit of the tourist season, which is confirmed simply by a huge number of stories, from which we have already familiarized ourselves with all the tourist and non-tourist sites in det...
 •  7 months ago
Chao, Montenegro! Completion
Start here >>> We have one full day left. And I still haven't decided where to go. To Herceg Novi? Or vice versa, to Ulcinj? I thought that fate would decide. We arrive at the bus station and take the next bus.
 •  8 months ago
Chao, Montenegro! (day six)
Start here >>> On Friday, as you remember (or don't remember), a tour of the canyons was bought. We were all taken away from the same Taboo cafe as on the previous excursion.
 •  8 months ago
Chao, Montenegro! (day five)
Start here >>> Today I decided to have a rest day. Don't go anywhere. Wander around the area. I was interested in the beaches beyond Mogren. It is impossible to get to them along the coast, but Maps mi showed some paths around.
 •  8 months ago
Chao, Montenegro! (day four)
Start here >>> I found out with regret that you won't find decent sunsets or sunrises here. The sun rises from behind the mountain, quite late at that, and also sets behind the mountain.
 •  8 months ago
Chao, Montenegro! (day three)
Start here >>> Morning. Tuesday. Sveti Stefan is waiting Dinner the day before, prosciutto could not be chewed. I called it “meat friendship - chew it, pass it on to another!
 •  8 months ago
Chao, Montenegro! (second day)
Start here >>> I woke up, as usual, at 6. Only time goes differently here. For the locals it was still deep night - 5 am. The day before, calling up my daughter, I noticed that at half past seven in our opinion (at half past six in their language) it was still absolutely light here, while at home i...
 •  8 months ago
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