Unforgettable SPA tour with pearls of Hungary and Ukraine with Ganezh travel agency

19 March 2019 Travel time: с 07 March 2019 по 11 March 2019
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For four days we, a group of travelers from Odessa visited the Ukrainian Mukachevo and Bereg, as well as the Hungarian Jaeger and Nyí regyhá za. This unforgettable author's tour was organized by the travel agency Ganezh from Odessa under the direction of Kosukhina Nadezhda Alekseevna. It was dedicated to the International Day on March 8.

Every day we received a new charge of vitality in various thermal springs. The first was "Lark" in Berehove, we enjoyed complete relaxation from underwater and collar massage, jacuzzi, as well as the opportunity to go down not only in the indoor pool but also outdoors, admiring the pink sunset.

If you arrived in Hungary and visited the geothermal complex "Aquarius" on the shores of Lake Bujtosi, you forgot that crossing the border in Beregovo took about 9 hours. The mood rose with the vortex in the thermal pools.

"Aquarium" in Nyí regyhá zi languages ​ ​ palace, collecting all the interesting: 4 types of slides, a belief in artificial rock, a children's fairy-tale complex with whims, many pools with Jacuzzi and massages, saunas, connecting indoor and outdoor pools under the starry sky and lighting , all of them made an unforgettable impression, and the pool "Storm" reminded us of the sea, rocking on its waves. There are various installations designed for the details of the interior and services, including centrifuges for drying swimsuits. I did not want to leave because I was in paradise for adults and children.

On the morning of the third day we visited the zoo in Nyí regyhá za. It will be included in the list of the best monuments of Hungary. Here you can meet African and Indian elephants or Komodo dragon, white tigers and bears, home of monkeys and giraffes, penguins and seals, in total - more than 5.000 species of animals.

The zoo is divided into several zones-continents, there are "Green Pyramid", "Oceanarium", "Tropicarium", "Tarzan's Way", "Australia", "Polar World", "Andean World", "Carpathian Basin". You can take a picture with a shark as it swims over you - a magical sight. Most animals live in the open. You can't even say that animals are in captivity. Both care and maintenance are all at the highest level.

Then we moved to the area of ​ ​ Eger, drove to the Valley of Beauties, and also had time to swim a little in the "Hungarian Pammukal" - Egerszalok with 17 pools, the thermal valley of Damien with the water park "Cascade" in artificial rocks. The impression of Egersalok will remain for a long time. Nature, pine forest, salt mountains and thermal water. Very atmospheric!

On the fourth day we went to the white wine festival in Mukachevo, wandered around the city streets with a tour, and visited the health and recreation complex Thermal Waters Kosino.

Impressed by the thermal pool with jacuzzi fountains, made in the form of traditional Transcarpathian drinks (beer, wine, coffee and palinka) with flavored thermal water and the fountain-illusion - Golden Tap in the center, where there are hydromassage areas, attractions "fast river", there is laughter and fun, which help to relax, unwind and get rid of at least an hour of daily problems. And the spring whims of the weather even added to the adrenaline. Swimming in thermal pools and in the open air, when it is +7 degrees outside and it is raining in addition, is something unique. Walking in various saunas from hot to ice with a temperature of -10 degrees added a special flavor.

In general, a lot was done and it was incredible. Many thanks to the travel agency "Ganezh", and especially to Nadezhda Alekseevna, who with her smile, optimism, as well as gifts and surprises made this spring trip festive and unsurpassed.

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