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"Yes, they are Greek!" Adventures in mainland Greece. With elements of time management
The idea to visit mainland Greece in the autumn arose in mid-summer, when statistics on coronavirus declined, European countries opened to tourists from Ukraine one by one, and it seemed that the world was about to return to pre-pandemic hours… But rumors of a strain Delta, meanwhile, was bec...
 •  8 months ago
Rhodes in October
Summer somehow quickly ended, there was not enough heat and sun at work, and we decided to extend the summer for ourselves. Lindos Acropolis For this, we chose the Greek island of Rhodes, which we have been eyeing for a long time.
 •  8 months ago
Half day in Corfu
Starting a trip in Albania >>> I don't know how it happened, but finally we ended up in a country that has open borders with Greece. We were ready like never before. We have biometric passports, we have a PLF-form permit, we have digital covid certificates with a full vaccination course that ended...
 •  7 months ago
Travel as a gift to daughter on the occasion of graduation from university
I chose a tour for a long time, because I have been to different countries, and in Greece for the first time. Both of them enjoyed the trip very much, although the age is different.
 •  7 months ago
Greece from Kharkov on your own, 2021
Foreword It was a cold rainy June. And we were preparing for an unreal journey. Traveling by car… to Greece. Daily assault on the Internet, where, what and how, planning a route, booking apartments, issuing insurance, documents, etc.
 •  1 year ago
A short tour of Greece. Part IV. Kefalonia, Sami
Small tour of Greece. Part I. Athens >>> Small tour of Greece. Part II. Patras >>> Small tour of Greece. Part III. Kourouta village (western Peloponnese) >>> REMEZZO APARTMENTS Hotel Remezzo Apartments This bunkhouse is also quite close to the port.
 •  2 years ago
Olympic Riviera. Outdoor trips of a family of sloths. About the nearest district
The Vorobeichikovs on the Olympic Shores : )) We were already in these parts a year earlier, as documented in the story "No fur coat - come on Meteors! : ))" Home, family, work, study.
 •  2 years ago
Olympic Riviera. Outdoor trips of a family of sloths. About the distant region
Oh, Vorobeichikov does not lie down and sit quietly, he does not rest. He doesn’t walk around the neighboring villages and gardens either. Give them long trips. . . The beginning of the description of out-of-hotel trips from the resort-beach reservation Bomo Platamon Cronwell Resort 5* in the previ...
 •  2 years ago
3 seas, 8 hotels, 1700 kilometers
I do not pretend to be new, therefore - dotted line. If there is interest, I will supplement, expand and deepen. I can share MapsMe waypoints along the route. Short course by day 22.
 •  3 years ago
By bus, ferry, car… Remembering Crete. Part 8. On the wide Limpopo
To be continued. Start here: Part 1. The puzzle is complete >>> Part 2. In the labyrinth of history >>> Part 3. “Candia remained for the descendants…” > >> Part 4.17 shades of blue >>> Part 5.
 •  1.5 year ago
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