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Excellent hotel!
The hotel was chosen based on reviews and ratings, it suited us perfectly for the price. We decided to opt for it, the hotel has very good service, they are always interested in whether everything is fine, they try to please and make the rest comfortable.
 •  5 months ago
Good hotel, solid 4
The hotel is excellent for a 4 is a solid 4. The rooms have an old renovation, there is a new renovation, we choose for ourselves already or we change with a surcharge, everyone makes his own decision.
 •  5 months ago
Great place to stay
I would like to tell you a little about this hotel, did you choose for a short time? because the rating is good, the hotel is small? but quite compact. There are 3 swimming pools, one for children with a water park is heated and one for adults is also warm, very convenient, because it was cold to sw...
 •  5 months ago
Great, quiet hotel with a large area and very tasty cuisine
I am writing a review and my thoughts are returning to the hotel. Rested from 9 to 14 January 2022. There were four of us, two couples. Not the first time we rest with Anex Tour - we are satisfied with everything, everything is fine!
 •  5 months ago
A wonderful hotel and conditions that can be safely put 9 out of 10
Number: Soma Bay. A wonderful hotel and conditions that can be safely put 9 out of 10. The case when there are more pluses and they prevail over minor minuses and completely cover them, but about everything in order.
 •  6 months ago
I will touch on the most important topic that characterizes the hotel. NUTRITION. Friends, take care of yourself, read the reviews. Since 2017, people have been writing that the food is bad and scarce.
 •  6 months ago
Small budget compact hotel, Wi-Fi paid
We rested in this hotel, there was a cool low price for the tour, the hotel is compact and small on the first line, it has its pros and cons, but they were satisfied with the rest, excellent location on the first line, almost all rooms overlook the side sea view, with a small choice, but delicious f...
 •  6 months ago
The first line and the price - the main plus
Perhaps I’ll start with the negative, because I have never come across either in hotels in Egypt or in hotels in Turkey on an all-inclusive basis with cutting off the bracelet when leaving.
 •  7 months ago
Spoiled rest
We arrived in a large company (6 adults 1 child), so they asked us to settle nearby, the hotel employee Ali asked for $ 10 per day from each room, we naturally refused, apparently that's why we were settled in different directions.
 •  7 months ago
Worthy Egyptian four
Impressions are twofold. I'll start with the good. We knew in advance that the hotel is located far from Hurghada, that there is nothing nearby at all and that the sea is not very good there.
 •  8 months ago
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