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Written: 18 march 2021
Travel time: 8 — 10 march 2021
Hotel rating:
from 10
Hotel ratings by criteria:
Rooms: 1.0
Service: 2.0
Purity: 1.0
Nutrition: 1.0
Infrastructure: 1.0
I am writing this review because I sincerely do not want anyone to come across this place in their life.
In short: THE HOTEL SHOULD BE CLOSED. They DO NOT observe SANITARY STANDARDS here (bugs / ants, no one wears masks and gloves at the time of the corona virus), they steal money, there is no service, there is no food.
And now in more detail.
There is no internet even at the reception.
1. Settlement.
We were at the hotel at 6 am. Naturally, they want an additional fee for early check-in. Already at the reception it became clear that the hotel
in a deplorable state. We refused to pay.
At about 7:30 we were given bracelets so we could have breakfast. We were seated around 10:00 am. Showed the 1st number, 2nd, 3rd... They are all old, the linen is dirty, the plumbing is not working everywhere. In the end, we were offered, according to the administrator, "the best room. "
2. Food.

Given that we have food intolerances (all dairy products, eggs, all legumes, gluten-containing foods, etc. ), there was practically nothing to eat. Okay, the first day the staff only found out about it, but on the second day the diet did not change for breakfast.
Breakfast: a lot of bread, eggs, sometimes jam or honey, feta and hard cheese (so-so taste), some tomatoes and cucumbers, sausage that crumbles, what it's really not clear from. Tea bags, coffee 3 in 1. That's it, every day.
Lunch and dinner: rice / pasta, chicken / liver / fish sometimes, dessert - 2 pieces of 2 * 2 cm dry biscuit and whipped cream or rice in milk, jelly. We don't drink alcohol, but I wouldn't risk trying it there.
3. Service.
Some of the staff are trying. Someone pretends to be vigorous activity and problem solving. Someone frankly hates their job. Waiters cannot bring a dish that simply does not exist. The manager pretends to be very interested in resolving the issue.
In fact, he doesn't care at all.
4. Numbers.
Old, dead, stains on the linen, stains on the tulle, the faucet in the sink falls off, the shower no longer switches to the faucet, there is mold. The cabinets seem to be just shelves in a pantry.
There is no shampoo, I bought it at a local store. Then they brought us "shampoo" poured into a bottle of water. Did not try.
5. Beach.
You are taken on an old bus (in which there are allegedly no seats and you need to sign up in advance) 15 minutes to the beach 1 time per day. From 9:00 to 14:00.
There are two approaches to the sea - from the shore and from the pontoon. The reef is good. There is also a pier with yachts. On the beach, a paid restaurant with food is also not very tasty (according to other vacationers).
6. The most tin.
Either bugs or ants bit me. Bites on all legs, starting with the feet and ending with the buttocks. The administrator replied, "By the way, I didn't find any bug in your room. "
We were supposedly moved to the best room. With dirty curtains, which were then changed to dirty ones again and the edge was washed in a bucket without removing it from the window. Other guests were also bitten. Their money was stolen. 60 dollars out of 120. They called the police, then pretended to find this bill by the pool and returned it.

The note was not the same.
These are not the first cases in this hotel, as we found out later.
We did not expect Rixos for that kind of money, but we were not going to live in a "barn" either. You could put up with everything, but the insects in the bed is already too much.
We moved to another hotel for a fee.
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