Good vacation

Written: 23 february 2022
Travel time: 4 — 10 january 2022
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For a relaxing holiday; For families with children; For recreation with friends, for young people
Hotel rating:
from 10
Hotel ratings by criteria:
Rooms: 8.0
Service: 9.0
Purity: 8.0
Nutrition: 8.0
Infrastructure: 8.0
Concorde El Salam Sport Area, 5 (second line)
Were from 4 to 11 January 2022. Two adults and a child of 8 years old.
Tour bought somehow spontaneously. Then, as I read the reviews (for some reason, 70 percent were negative), I was preparing to see the horror-horror. Looking ahead, I will say that everything is very good)
With an early arrival (around 7 am), they settled somewhere at 11. There was also a Russian-speaking girl at the reception. We approached once - they said that they would soon settle in, after the second approach - successfully))), with a good view of the main pool, without surcharges or hints of this. They took the luggage to the room without any questions. Bracelets were put on right away. We were given the schedule of each restaurant and bar - it was very convenient) we carried it with us all the time in order to navigate and not look on the phone)

The room is a little "tired", but the bed and towels are white. We were immediately delivered a third bed (for a child), a huge double bed, the mattress was awesome, there were enough blankets, we didn’t freeze. Complimentary tea and coffee set with electric kettle. But we didn't use it.
The room was cleaned every day (a dollar or a chocolate bar was left every other day). Bottles with gel, shampoo and lotion, two rolls of paper were filled daily. Bottled water was always available in the room. One evening we received a call from the reception themselves and asked if there were any comments and wishes. We asked to bring water (there was little left for the day), they delivered it in 5 minutes, we didn’t have to beg anyone and didn’t have to run after anyone. Beach towels were changed daily, since even we "intercepted" the cleaner on the way from the beach and changed them to clean and dry ones without any problems. The staff is moving forward. Nice )
Do not forget that everything is available on the territory of the Concord Front (first line), except for the main restaurant. You can eat, drink, walk, swim everywhere. Walk - do not cross) everywhere is beautiful and well maintained.
Nutrition. As for me, it’s even better that self-service was removed due to quarantines. It is unpleasant for me that so many people gobble up appliances in order to get food for themselves, or sort out buns, for example.
In the main restaurant, breakfasts are not very varied, but in abundance: pastries are mostly puffs, there were jelly cakes, tea and coffee were brought quickly. Omelet, vegetables, fruits. Charge as much as you say. They didn’t hear you in time - and here’s a full plate - even burst). Free access to drinks, juices, water. The son was delighted with baking (buns-bread), with butter it went with a bang.
We often dined at an Italian restaurant on the beach - so as not to run back and forth (time is short)). If you come straight to the opening - there will be a queue. After half an hour or an hour, you can freely take a meal. Puree soups, fish, chicken, rice, stew, pizza. Vegetables, fruits, dessert - everything was enough for everyone, at least come to the closing.

For dinner in the main restaurant every evening, an additional grill menu - meat, fish, vegetables.
In restaurants, everything is immediately cleaned - there are no dirty dishes or crumbs on the tables. Wipe and put clean new appliances. There is always enough space for everyone.
During the afternoon at the pool bar there were burgers, french fries, hot dogs. Taken a couple of times - quite edible.
The bars are ok, the booze isn't wow, but it's okay. On the beach in the bar is very tasty ice cream, drinks, juices, you can type yourself, the bartender pours alcohol. Due to covid, everything is in plastic cups, but everything is clean and tidy everywhere.
In principle, there were no questions about food - delicious and in unlimited quantities. There are places to eat throughout the day. But if you want seafood - you are not here (I just often meet reviews about the presence / absence of seafood on the menu - as if it is not a vacation without them).
The staff is very correct, unobtrusive, polite attitude in both hotels. No rudeness. Everyone wears masks. Over the soul in restaurants do not stand (we do not like this).
In public toilets, cleanliness and beauty are not unimportant for me.
In Sport, there is a large heated pool, slides worked from 10 to 16. Lifeguard Abdurakhman is a real sweetheart, very attentive to children.
In the Front, only two small pools were heated, the big one was cold, but beautiful for fans of insta-photos.
The territory in Sport is huge, green, looked after, watered. There is an equestrian club with several horses - for a fee you can ride. We walked along the Front - well, as for me - near the residential buildings - there are not very many places, it's a little tight. In Sport it is more spacious, or something)
We walked to the beach (8-10 minutes at a calm pace), since it was not hot, and the territories are pleasing to the eye (from Zaporozhye slush to green grass)) But constantly (10-15 minutes) taf-taf runs in a circle from one reception to another. Stop where you say.

There was enough space on the beach, there were enough sunbeds. Although maybe not quite the season in January? There is a scuba rental, you can dive with an instructor. The pontoon is not stationary. Entrance from the shore knee-deep, from the pontoon immediately good depth. There were fish, stingrays. Morko, as always, super)
The animation is great. The girls are smart and work hard. There was aqua aerobics, and water volleyball, and yoga with gymnastics - this is in Sport. In the Front, there was exercise in the pool (we hung out there once). On the beach, there are constantly different competitions in darts, throwing stones, dancing classes, attracting children with their parents to throw inflatable balls filled with water. There was something to do. In the evening there were performances both in the Front and in Sport - sometimes a fire show, sometimes dance numbers.
A separate conversation about hotel guides (AnexTour). We had two of them. Sabir and Pavel. There are no questions for Paul. Calmly and adequately, then he took the questionnaires from us and that's it. But Sabir - such obsession - horror is simple. Wasted more than two hours and so short daylight hours (January! ). It would be better to spend this time at the sea or in the pool. We will definitely not go to these meetings again. Buying any tour is no problem at all: they offer both near the pool and on the beach.
By the way, I was very worried about indigestion and so on. Especially with a child: you can swallow water in the pool, and the food is not homemade. You never know. But thu-thu - everything was fine, without the slightest complaint.
On the day of departure at 14 o'clock we handed over the suitcase and went for a walk until 16 (collection for the bus). The bracelets were not cut off. In general, we liked it.
As the spouse said: “You can also gouge to the palm tree that it grows incorrectly))”
Would definitely go there again)
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