The hotel sucks, not even 3*!

Written: 7 december 2020
Travel time: 26 november — 3 december 2020
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For business travel
Hotel rating:
from 10
Hotel ratings by criteria:
Rooms: 4.0
Service: 1.0
Purity: 5.0
Nutrition: 1.0
Infrastructure: 5.0
Restaurants do not work, instead of the main type of a la carte with a choice of one meat, one fish dish!! ! Since there are two or three families of Europeans, then half of the hotel are Egyptians who yell and don’t know how to behave !! ! And for them or from them everything is hidden - in the restaurant there is no juice, no cola, spoiled fish, forget about fruits !! ! For three days, persimmon, which even camels do not eat !! ! We wanted to buy a visit to a la carte, instead of this restaurant, so as not to suffer after poisoning, because they do not work!! ! And don't dream! And in the bars there are not even washed glasses and straws !! ! On WhatsApp, is it possible to drink a straw so that you don’t drink with your lips, the answer is clear: There is nothing, drink what you have. And as it is - and then the bartender runs away and you can wait 30-40 minutes!! ! It's a shame!! ! People do not spoil your vacation and money!
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