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I understand from the reviews and reviews that Braika Bay is greener and more comfortable and the level of service is higher. But the price for Royal Braika is lower... If there is essentially one territory, then why overpay :)
4 months ago  •  3 subscribers 3 answers
Interested in the export of medicines from Egypt. Previously rowed with bags. Almost half a suitcase people took out. Yes, I know about 10 packs per person. But it was about pills. What about ointments, drops and oils? Tablets from 2-3 packs were all put in one, I know they were taken out and 20-30 packs per person. But that was a year ago. Beginning of 2021. They say they check harder and tightened the measures and see how much they take out. Is it really possible to take out that much now? I have many relatives and they all want drugs from Egypt. They are certainly much better than ours. But I don't want to risk it. Extra problems are not needed. But how much can you really withdraw? Not for sales purposes. Who could withdraw how much? Is it being closely monitored and monitored now? Checks required? Were there situations when they did not miss or took away a part? Is it possible to carry a part in hand luggage?
4 months ago  •  11 subscribers 12 answers
4 months ago  •  no subscribers No answers
If you come a second time, does the hotel give compliments? When a long time ago for the second visit they gave the best room and a fruit tray. In another, they wore gold bracelets and were given a room with a sea view, a kettle with a supply of coffee and tea. Friends were even lucky that they organized a free transfer from the airport to the hotel and met with a sign. And now how is this practiced in hotels in Egypt? Particularly interested in the Island View Resort, which is near Soho Square, are there any compliments from the hotel? We are thinking of going there a second time. Who was there the second time, did the hotel make any bonuses?
4 months ago  •  4 subscribers 3 answers
I was told that from the first days of May it was not worth going to Turkey, and especially not to Egypt. If it’s still cold in Turkey and there won’t be such a rush and it doesn’t make much sense to go there before the 15-20th, then there’s trouble with Egypt. Everyone will rush there for May, there will be a lot of people, the beaches are packed. Hotels are full or at a stop, there is little choice of seats on the flight. And prices are already skyrocketing on those dates. It's true? Does it make sense to go there in early May? Especially Egypt? I just don't quite get it, it's May 1st and May 9th, is that a bunch of holidays? Who was in May, share your impressions.
4 months ago  •  8 subscribers 8 answers
I know 1 paid, it was $ 1 per person, near the mosque. We walked by, he worked, then no. Got that was closed. And that price seems expensive to me. Even if they took for two, but they don’t want to. They asked in the 1st cafe - the dollar was also said. In the second, they bought juice and water, they also said a dollar, argued a little with them, but we paid for water and juice, let them in, but we were seen to be cursing to ourselves. In general, they did not see signs for a toilet, even in a cafe. In other cafes they said no or sent to the mosque, maybe we got there, I don’t know. They also said that there seems to be a free one somewhere near the Vova Tours sign (like in Soho Square, if it didn’t become paid), but we didn’t find it, it’s free in the Old Town. Does anyone know if there are other toilets there? And how to find them? Or maybe some cafes? And how to agree?
4 months ago  •  5 subscribers 3 answers
4 months ago  •  19 subscribers 124 answers
We're going after March 8th. Choose from: Hilton sharks bay grand oasis Albatros beach SETI sharm Jolieville Casino Jolieville Golf Concorde el salam Monte Carlo I was once in Waterfalls in February 2009, I didn’t return to Egypt anymore, which is now incomprehensible, all the reviews are very contradictory.
4 months ago  •  13 subscribers 40 answers
4 months ago  •  10 subscribers 12 answers
It is unprofitable to take excursions from the hotel. What agencies can you recommend for trips to Cairo, visits to nature reserves, etc.?
4 months ago  •  12 subscribers 13 answers
I don’t want to take excursions from a tour operator, it’s expensive. They say that many people are afraid that it is dangerous from strangers. Heard a lot of good things about Bedo Owda. Who took tours with him? How are you?
5 months ago  •  9 subscribers 5 answers
1. Will it be warm enough, what is the sea temperature? 2. Is Continental as bad as a hotel and does it have a really good reef? The hotel is not particularly demanding, the main thing is a beautiful reef, tolerable food, but of course you don’t want a barn. We were in Domina in 2012, we liked everything. These hotels are offered in the region of 100-110 thousand rubles. 7 nights for two. I would be grateful for alternative options. Thank you in advance!
5 months ago  •  10 subscribers 14 answers
We had a trip: we left at 11:45, arrived at 20:00, had dinner on a ship on the Nile and in the morning a museum with pyramids. Is it possible to find this now or have the format of the trip changed?
5 months ago  •  7 subscribers 6 answers
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