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Turkey or Egypt?
I'm going on vacation in May. Have not been abroad yet. I can’t choose between these two countries, where is it better to go to Turkey or Egypt?
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2 subscribers  • asked 2007-03-1215 years ago
Answers  •  9
аватар Alya_
The fact is that one cannot say that one country is worse and the other is better, both are interesting in their own way, you need to see both. In Egypt, there is a chic and unique sea, in Turkey there is an active and eventful holiday ... and there is something to see there and there. In this case, you can focus on the price, which will be cheaper, and go there in the first place, but be sure to visit both. :)
аватар Etik
Thanks for the answer. Do you work for a travel agency? You answer questions about Turkey and Egypt well.
аватар Kostya10
May is the best time to visit Egypt. The sea is warm, but in Turkey it is still cold.
аватар Maris
In Turkey, the heat has just arrived, it even turned out to burn out, excellent service, I liked it, a lot of impressions, the weather is great, they promise even warmer
аватар alon
Choose Egypt!
I have something to compare. Came from Egypt a month ago. The color is super! National clothes. food, oriental market! And Turkey is similar to Europe.
In Egypt, children are interested in adults as well. The sea is beautiful, the cafes are inexpensive, the cities are unusual. Be sure to go. I was with a 7 year old child.
аватар sveta1972
In any case, I'm leaning towards Egypt! The sea cannot be compared with anything! And with a good choice of hotel, a super vacation!
It is difficult to compare these two countries, in Egypt there is a very beautiful sea, pyramids, many interesting excursions, in Turkey there is also a lot to see ...
аватар blackledi
Turkey and only Turkey!
аватар ale-male221
what else is Turkey !!! there is a sea of ​​​​nothing !!! in Egypt it’s just super - reefs-fish !!!!
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