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The hotel is disgusting
This is the horror of my life!! ! I do not like to write reviews, it is even worse to read them, there is no time, but now this is the first thing that will happen when choosing a hotel.
 •  3 months ago
I will definitely return to this hotel, I love everything about it
If you write in detail about my impression of this hotel, then I think few people will find time to read an ode to sheets of 7. Thesis, too, probably will not be entirely informative.
 •  3 months ago
Good hotel
There is something to compare. The hotel guys are trying hard. Hulls are being repaired. We stayed in a room with a sea view after renovation. Chic, shine, beauty. Special thanks to the staff who work like bees.
 •  4 months ago
Excellent hotel!
We liked the rest, despite the fact that in Egypt, of course, it’s windy and cool (you need to take more warm clothes for the evening, you can take a heater to your room, in the afternoon when the sun is hot, we even went diving), but January is the coolest there since February, like warmer.
 •  3 months ago
Cozy hotel for families
Rested with a child, everything was fine. Good food, convenient location of the rooms, good attitude of the administration. Unobtrusive but cool animators. The child really liked it.
 •  4 months ago
Stella di mare beach resort
The hotel is very average. The territory is large. Well done animators, cleaner of our building (room 7174). You won't get hungry when compared to other hotels (Sunrise chains, Baron) the beach is only suitable for adults.
 •  4 months ago
Excellent hotel value for money
We stayed at the hotel in winter, in general, we were satisfied! A beautiful green and well-groomed territory, the workers constantly mowed the lawn, leveled the paths. Lots of flowering trees and palms.
 •  3 months ago
Repair in progress
The hotel could deserve a five, but there is a BUT: 1. Heated pools declared - not heated at all. 20 degrees Celsius is too much. 2. Housekeeping wants to be better. Well, it's quite deplorable.
 •  4 months ago
Regular 5, expected more
1. The food at the hotel is delicious, no frills. 2. The rooms were cleaned very well every day, the towels were also changed, the first time I see this in Egypt. 3. The territory is beautiful, well-groomed, but the enclosures are so confusing, only on the last day they learned to find their enclo...
 •  4 months ago
Nice hotel, quiet environment, delicious food, unobtrusive service
Rested sooo big company over 100 people (corporate holiday). Despite our large number, the check-in went quickly. The rooms are comfortable, the territory of the hotel is huge.
 •  4 months ago
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