One of the best days on vacation

21 November 2021 Travel time: с 13 November 2021 по 20 November 2021
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Today was an amazing day. If yesterday I went to bed tired and wanted to rest... then in the morning I woke up with a frantic desire to go for new experiences. And away we go. . . a bathyscaphe, with diving into the sea at a depth, and swimming with masks. . . Then the new Marina embankment. . . Old fish market, where there is a huge assortment of squid fish, shrimps, etc. You buy, and they are with you grilled. A kilo of large shrimp starts at $9, we took it for $13. They immediately prepared all this in front of us. Then my legs carried me to their market, where there were shops with fruit... Mmmm... Seryozha pulled me out of there by the hand. Strawberries, large and sweet 2$, mango 2.5$, and my favorite fig is also only 2$ (in Zaporozhye in the summer it cost at least 250 UAH). After that, we took a taxi, I bargained for $ 4 to take us to the hotel (it's about 20 km), and finally we went to the sea. Eat, meet the sunset and just enjoy the warmth of this unique country.

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Фото из Батискафа под водой. Кстати у них тоже был фотограф, который подплывал со стороны моря, и Фотал нас возле окна. У него был корм, и рыбок подплывало очень много. Но короткое видео + фото, цена 70$.Я отказалась, но были люди которые брали это все удовольствие.
Новая набер Марина
Рыба на рыбном рынке
Уже приготовили на гриле. Порция внушительная на кг, хватило наесться нам двом. Ребёнок не захотел почему-то.
Клубника, сочная, сладкая. Кушали с удовольствием. Цена 2$.Но с собой взять не получилось, потекла в дороге. Замазала все на свете (
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