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16 November 2021 Travel time: с 12 November 2021 по 20 November 2021
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The vacation fell in November, so it was decided to go to Egypt. The hotel was chosen for a very long time, as much as she was tired. I liked it, then one, then the other, then I didn’t like something, etc. In general, we chose Albatros Jungle Aqua Park, the price for two adults + a child of 10 years old was about 35.000 in November. I really liked the hotel itself, a huge room , although not new, but bright, clean and comfortable. Lots of pools, five of which are heated. Children's program in the evenings. A large water park, where tour agencies even sell tickets for $ 37. I was worried about the weather, the weather is beautiful, the air temperature is 30 degrees, there are practically no winds. Awesome food, everything is very tasty, the moment when you eat not because you are hungry, but because it is sooooo tasty.

The bars make delicious cocktails for children and adults. Without pronounced chemical colors, as it was in Turkey. Delicious coffee in beautiful dishes, ranging from latte, cappuccino, and ending with coffee with coconut milk, etc. The only breakfasts, from the main dishes, are all egg-based, but nevertheless there are many snacks, waffles, donuts, breakfast cereals (like children love), pancakes, Egyptian pastries, cheese, salads, and even a not-so-sad sausage. Fruits in November, dates, bananas, guava, oranges, persimmons, grapefruit, melons, apples. In the room, free sweet drinks + water in any quantity, the cleaner brought us a box and put it under the table.

A very unpleasant incident happened with the guide of the annex tour, when he realized that we were not going to take his excursions, he shouted, yelled, hysterical, said that this was not respect, and even the fact that I mildly said that we still want to think , he yelled that no, I should answer right away. Then he tried to intimidate that the insurance would not work. In general, he left a very unpleasant feeling after himself.

The beach and the sea. . . We didn't like the hotel beach at all, we went once. The bus drives every half hour. The water in the sea is very cold for me, the bottom is in some kind of stones or carals, I still don’t understand, it’s very uncomfortable to go barefoot. There were a lot of sun loungers. On the beach there is a bar with drinks and a cafe. Everything is included in the ticket price. By the way, I was very pleasantly surprised that no one tried to rip off money from you. When you ask how much, they answer you that everything is free. The only thing they speak Russian badly. Yesterday we went on a superrr sea excursion, 5 in 1. It feels like shampoo for 50 UAH, 5 in 1. There was diving, but if the first tourists were slowly dressed, everything was explained, then there was a rush, a bunch of boats next to each other. That is, you practically dive under the bottom of these boats, which scared me very much so as not to fall under some propellers.

The house of dolphins, which was included in the tour, is a separate issue here, no one even remembered about it. The Russian-speaking guide who traveled with us, except that she spoke Russian, did not tell anything, no information, nothing. I could just tell where the coffee, the toilet, etc. I asked her where the Dolphin House was, answered that they had probably already sailed. She does not know. Fishing....Ohhh, this is a separate issue, we were brought to a place where there were no fish in principle, they gave us not fishing rods, but fishing lines wound on a piece of wood with a hook, and chopped squid, which ended in half an hour. Snorkeling on the tour was in the same place, diving with a child, we saw a maximum of one or two fish. Then we just stretched the time and stood in the sea, on this fishless place, since the tour is until 17.00. In short, I was not impressed at all.

Yes, the sea is pretty, yes, we tried Diving, but everything else... And there was also a lunch with seafood. This is spaghetti, rice, potatoes, all in one plate, the salad of which was practically not enough for us, since we were the last in line. A few large shrimp that tasted like boiled chicken. I didn’t even realize that they all have shrimp like that? ! And a piece of mackerel, which has apparently been warmed up more than once. .

The price of the tour also included a massage, which lasted from 2 to 5 minutes. I didn't even go for it. But my husband went, says at first they asked for a dollar for a massage, then they seemed to change their minds about taking it. In general, the impressions of the tour are so-so . . A little later I will write a sequel. Since we are still on vacation)) I will be glad for your likes.

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