Great hotel for the unpretentious traveler

Written: 27 december 2021
Travel time: 11 — 20 september 2021
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For a relaxing holiday; For families with children
Hotel rating:
from 10
Hotel ratings by criteria:
Rooms: 10.0
Service: 8.0
Purity: 6.0
Nutrition: 6.0
Infrastructure: 10.0
We rested in September. There were a lot of local vacationers, at first it was wildly annoying, then they got used to it) very good well-groomed territory, clean, green. The beach is a complete delight, there is sand, there is a reef, fish, stingrays, hedgehogs, the beauty is extraordinary. The room was excellent, but we immediately gave $ 10 upon check-in and we had a good room, overlooking the sea.
Food: a lot, but monotonous and specific, lentils, beans, vegetables, boiled, steamed, fried, boiled, in general, in all forms. But... We have never been hungry, there is always something that suits you, but in the second week, of course, I already wanted pork cutlets)
In general, the hotel suited me, but not Turkish 4ka, but this is Egypt and that says it all, dust, so we are in the desert where to get away from it. The floors are poorly washed, so who makes you walk barefoot. For an adequate person, the hotel is suitable, for those who should be given bathrobes - definitely not.
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