Disgusting hotel

Written: 17 september 2021
Travel time: 5 — 12 september 2021
Hotel rating:
from 10
Hotel ratings by criteria:
Rooms: 1.0
Service: 1.0
Purity: 1.0
Nutrition: 3.0
Infrastructure: 6.0
If you want to spoil your vacation, then you are here, starting from the reception, the staff is lying, the rooms are disgusting, there is no repair, don’t believe it, the hotel is running, the guide lies at every step (Ahmed) from the san international or according to our library globe, he deceives with excursions, does not return the money, taps flow in the rooms, the bathtub was clogged, room 1720, they do not respond to problems, the only cool thing is the sea and the beach, the rest is GUARD. Such hotels need to be closed, not opened, the management apparently does not respond to complaints from visitors at all, a complete ignore. Many locals who are ahead of everyone, the rest are second-rate. The hotel is like after the war inside, at best 3 *, if you try, but they don't care.
The food is not bad, but monotonous, there is no animation at all, they turn on music in the evening and sit and listen. One column for the whole hotel, they drag it back and forth, then to the beach, then to the pool. Circus and all. I am silent about beer and other drinks, everything is bad there. On the beach, the elder Hassan, respect him, will always help and advise everyone, many have stomachaches for 2-3 days, stock up on loperamide, people were taken to the hospital with us for a drip, there was diarrhea, their stomachs ached. And this is not a single case from conversations in the hotel, I don’t know why, apparently not everything is so good there, keep in mind. The place is good, but apparently the hotel administration is not interested in vacationers, it's a shame. We won't come here again.
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