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Exactly 21210 (number). Normal hotel on the landscape
A normal hotel, a super assessment of the work invested in its creation. This is immediately visible, because there is a huge desert and opposite a man-made oasis on the first line of the sea.
 •  7 months ago
Good hotel if you like to lie by the pool
Pros: excellent coral reef (although a red flag often hangs), decent cuisine (the choice is not huge, but everything is very tasty). And now the cons. Firstly, it is impossible to enter from the shore - solid stones.
 •  9 months ago
Boring hotel with a beautiful reef, no Wi-Fi and the tyranny of the "rescuer"
Of the minuses, which directly ran out. I fly to Egypt for corals and fish. By the pool, I can fall down in Kyiv. Every day, without exception, a red flag hung. It changed to yellow at half past four in the evening.
 •  10 months ago
The rooms are good, but if you like to swim, then this is not for you.
Speakers wheeze! Microphone is not working! The sound is terrible! Animation programs in the evening always started with a delay. I liked the fire show and the acrobat.
 •  10 months ago
Great hotel for a relaxing holiday
An excellent hotel for those who love peace and quiet. Relax hotel. A magnificent reef with a huge number of marine life. I managed to swim and film a family of 5 dolphins.
 •  1.5 year ago
Nice hotel but boring
I understand that the crisis, there were few people in the hotel, but my friend and I paid a good price to get a good rest. During the 14 days spent at the hotel, in the evening we watched the same "show" performed by the same artists 5 times in the evening.
 •  1.5 year ago
Good hotel, spacious clean rooms, limited choice of food
We chose a hotel for a relaxing holiday in silence away from civilization. Expectations were fully justified. The sea is clean, the corals are alive, the fauna is very diverse.
 •  3 years ago
traveled across the sea
We rested as a couple, flew from Kyiv. We were primarily interested in the underwater world and the sea, and everything else was secondary. The fact that we knew the hotel in the desert, there is nothing interesting nearby at all, keep this in mind.
 •  3 years ago
Nice hotel with animation
The hotel is new. +-. The food is normal. Alcohol is local. Service as elsewhere $ decides. The sea and the reef are beautiful, pantone 250 meters, but while walking you can see a lot of fish.
 •  3 years ago
Hotel for those who just want to relax
A hotel for those who just want to relax and look at the beauty of the underwater world of the Red Sea. The option is quite budgetary so you should not expect much. But overall, everything is fine.
 •  3 years ago
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