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Please tell me: 1. Does Bees Airline allow "suitcase" mangoes? (I met information that some airline began to strictly monitor the weight of hand luggage) 2. Where to find pharmacies in Dahab with state. prices?
8 months ago  •  5 subscribers 4 answers
1.5 year ago  •  3 subscribers 2 answers
2 years ago  •  1 subscriber 1 answer
I looked through the reviews - they scare me, this year there is only one, the rest are for 2012.
3 years ago  •  3 subscribers 2 answers
We want to fly to Egypt on our own. Vacation September-October. Hotel Tropitel Dahab Oasis. For the first time we will organize Egypt without travel agencies. How to find tickets?
5 years ago  •  10 subscribers 28 answers
Recommend a hotel in Dahab. The main thing is the sea (1 line and swim with a mask) The rest is not critical, we can do without any special frills, but so as not to barn.
5 years ago  •  8 subscribers 15 answers
And how is the entrance to the sea, not from the pontoon, but from the beach (from the sand)? Can I come in for a little dip? Water at least knee-deep?
8 years ago  •  8 subscribers 7 answers
Hello! Please tell us we have booked a Standard room for two at your hotel. Will it be possible to pay extra for a superior Sea View room at check-in? How much is it?
8 years ago  •  5 subscribers 5 answers
We are flying with a friend from January 25 for 5 days .... How is the weather in Dahab during the day? At night, I already know how cold it is.
9 years ago  •  1 subscriber 2 answers
It so happened that I did not take into account that in Egypt the hottest month is August. Tell me, who was resting at that time in Dahab- THERE REALLY IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAR THIS HEAT? I'm already thinking about canceling the tour.
9 years ago  •  6 subscribers 7 answers
Tell me, pliz, which rooms are better to take: in a one-story building or a two-story one? We are traveling 2 adults (not athletes).
9 years ago  •  1 subscriber No answers
Dear tourists are interested in the question: how boring are people in Dahab hotels unfamiliar with sea sports: windsurfing, diving and others like them. I want to take a child of 11 years old to Dahab in order to TRY to learn, for example, windsurfing without interruption from a beach holiday and at the same time go to Israel in general to relax to the fullest, but not completely boring: our travel agency dissuades us, they say the hotel is completely empty all day and we will be bored .. So I'm interested: how difficult is it for beginners to learn windsurfing and are there alternative types of outdoor activities? we are considering hotels in the lagoon with good service and a sandy beach and let's say the prices are not small, I would like to consult, thank you!!!
9 years ago  •  3 subscribers 5 answers
Does the hotel have free wi-fi?
9 years ago  •  6 subscribers 5 answers
Do I need an Egyptian visa to visit the monastery of St. Catherine or is a Sinai stamp sufficient?
9 years ago  •  3 subscribers 2 answers
Do I need an Egyptian visa to visit the monastery of St. Catherine
9 years ago  •  1 subscriber 1 answer
Interested in Mount Moses and moto safari.
9 years ago  •  5 subscribers 6 answers
My girlfriend and I are going to economically relax, from there go to the Pyramids, swim, find a secluded place for sunbathing. In Egypt, I was in Hurghada last year, the Royal Palace 4 * people, a maximum of 80 people, there was a so-so hotel, I’m for a relaxing holiday. Already scared from reviews...
10 years ago  •  1 subscriber 3 answers
Please tell me, in the bars between breakfast, lunch and dinner they give something to eat, or just drinks, is there ice cream? And is it true that wine is only served in the main restaurant for lunch and dinner?
10 years ago  •  3 subscribers 3 answers
Please tell me, is it possible to extend a visa in El Tour, pay a fine and get a new one if it is overdue for 3 months?
10 years ago  •  3 subscribers 2 answers
We bought a tour from June 10, 2011. According to reviews, we really don’t like the hotel, but we are going because of the reef. Where in this hotel can I get drinking water in the room if I bought All Inclusive, or do I have to buy water?
11 years ago  •  5 subscribers 10 answers
I am a new admirer and lover of Egypt with the Red Sea. I was twice in Sharm and Hurghada and ... fell in love! Especially with its underwater fauna. Tell me a good 4-5 * hotel in Dahab with a good reef, food, diving center and infrastructure (bars, pools, slides, a la carte restaurants)?
11 years ago  •  7 subscribers 26 answers
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