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Hamburg and surroundings
Photo from Bergedorf It was a very unusual journey. You can say the first of its kind. Although our travels continue to go on at full speed, but regular readers have already clearly noticed a large pause in the publication of stories.
 •  5 months ago
New York - Amsterdam - Berlin - Kharkiv transit
This little trip wouldn't be so "exciting" if it weren't for the current situation. We traveled in early July when the Netherlands and Germany were still closed to tourism.
 •  10 months ago
The pearl of Northern Germany: the island of Rügen
Six months ago, our family plans for spring and summer 2020 included the Czech Republic (Prague) and a two-week vacation in Turkey - in our beloved Kemer, in a 5-star all-inclusive hotel, but well-known events made playful adjustments to our plans and, unfortunately, everything that was planned in a...
 •  1.5 year ago
Incredible beauty of winter Bavaria
Now we ourselves, without suspecting it, will go on one of the most beautiful trips in Europe - to Bavaria! A year ago, I had a corporate party in a wonderful German city on Lake Tegernsee.
 •  2 years ago
Unusual trip to Berlin
Three weeks ago we said goodbye briefly to Germany. Then we did the route Wroclaw - Dresden - Leipzig and flew from Berlin airport. Now we continue from where we left off, I arrived on a business trip to Berlin!
 •  2 years ago
Three hangars that can change lives
Munich has Europe's (and perhaps the world's) largest technical museum, the Deutsches Museum, the BMW Museum, and a separate transport hall in the Pinakothek der Moderne.
 •  2 years ago
New Year Europe 2020
I want to share with everyone our sudden and wonderful New Year's trip to Wroclaw and Germany. The trip was thought up spontaneously, as extra days of vacation fell out of nowhere.
 •  2 years ago
Weekend in Berlin
In mid-October, I visited Berlin with my family. Only 3 days, but a lot of impressions. Spree River Brandenburg Gate Bundestag We visited the Berlin Zoo (entrance for an adult 15 euros), the aquarium (5 euros).
 •  3 years ago
4 days in Berlin: what you can see
Alexander Platz in the evening The thought of returning to Berlin and overlooking the overlooked has been lingering in our hearts and minds for two years - since we visited Berlin as part of a bus tour Amsterdam Blitz.
 •  3 years ago
Weekend trip. Berlin - Magdeburg - Leipzig
August 23.2019 at my then job was announced 1 hour shorter. This was very welcome, because a few hours later that evening, the journey began! So, after finishing my work day, I came home, had dinner, packed my backpack, went to the road and went to the airport!
 •  2 years ago
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