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What to do in the UAE?
My friends are pulling me to go to the UAE. Explain, please, what can you do there except for wallowing on the beach or near the pool? I can not understand why this direction has become massive? There is no particularly interesting history, there is no nature either ... One desert, besides, tours are not cheap and visa rules are strict ...
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no subscribers  • asked 2007-03-0715 years ago
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аватар Servantes
The UAE is a VERY RICH ARAB COUNTRY, and this is its flavor. Plus, there's great shopping.
аватар meland
I was there in a luxury hotel, but apart from the sea and shopping, which made me sick for the third time .... nothing. It was also interesting to get to know their lifestyle, well, in general, everything ... my husband wants to go there again, and I .... not earlier than in a few years
аватар grinvich
Dubai is a metropolis built on sand for 30 years. A fusion of ethnicity and high technology. Luxury as a lifestyle. Shopping. In the desert, you can go on a super safari jeep! Take a sightseeing tour of the city + to the neighboring emirate. .Fishing in the Persian Gulf.Lifestyle and traditions that are fundamentally different from European ones.Good service.Interesting, honestly!I have been 2 times and will go again.
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