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UAE or Egypt
I am planning to go on vacation in March.
Help opredelitsya Dubai or Sharm?
In Egypt was 1 time, in Hurghada. I want to go to the Emirates more, but I'm not sure that we will feel comfortable with such finances.
Travel budget 2000 USD + 500-700 USD with you for two.
Or is it better to go to Egypt and leave the UAE until better times?
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14 subscribers  • asked 2010-12-0611 years ago
Answers  •  20
аватар j5jjj
yeah visit the shark
аватар D1mon
They will be caught by March!
аватар Lissichka-22
If you have not been to the Emirates - be sure to go! If you are not planning serious purchases (fur coats, gold, for example), I think you can relax on a budget. Enough money for excursions - see the country, get a lot of impressions. You will not regret. Still, the Emirates, this is not Egypt, there is something to see. If you like it - next time you will come with more money. Have a nice holiday!
аватар Pachok
@After all, the Emirates, this is not Egypt, there is something to see [email protected]
Charming... I.e. nothing to see in egypt
D1mon, in the UAE, many hotels take a security deposit and a very decent amount, you need to find out in advance at the agency. Because it may turn out that a ticket for 2000 and another 1000 must be paid as a deposit.
аватар NatashaS
Charm is the sea and fish, the UAE is a high level of service, excellent cuisine, sandy beaches. The Persian Gulf does not represent anything interesting in terms of fauna, just like the Gulf of Oman (Emirate of Fujairah). If you want to know about holidays in the UAE, write to me in a personal.
аватар HotLine
Traveling to the Emirates with such a budget is like buying a jeep with a 1.6 liter engine.
аватар rikket
Don't beat your head! The UAE has nothing to do with such a budget. It will not be a vacation, but just a transit. You will feel like a guest worker in Moscow. Do you need it!?
аватар 57888
Not all hotels in the UAE take a deposit, and in many that do, you can agree to close the mini-bar and turn off the international line and will not take a deposit. For the UAE, it will not be enough money, it’s better to go to Egypt, to Sharm. I like it much more than Hurghada. And from Sharm you can go on an excursion to Israel and Jordan.
аватар 57888
Although my friends traveled around February-March and they paid 1300 ye for the tour (5 * for breakfast). And they took 1500 ye with them.
аватар Karmel
Do you think that 1000 from the nose for a week in the emirates is not enough? It depends of course what you want and what is considered not a vacation. If the goal is to stupidly sit in a hotel, then of course it’s not enough for 4 on the coast, although you can find it again in Sharjah. Quite for this money you can take 4 even 5 to find the "city". The budget with you - if you don’t buy anything and don’t eat at VIP restaurants such as Refletts, Mezzanines and others like them, it’s also quite enough. You wrote nonsense about the deposit @Pachok. You were there? Did you pay such a deposit? I studied this topic with deposits before the last trip there up and down. In a bourgeois Arab, of course, you can pay so much. Therefore, if you just want to see the country, then the author is better off in the UAE. Of course, the situation is very frustrating that everyone is reorienting there now, less people, more oxygen))
аватар Pachok
Karmel is certainly right - there will be no deposit of 1000 in two stars in a city hotel in Dubai! ))))))))))))
аватар PlyusheMonstr
for this amount you can relax in the Emirates even for all inclusive
(well, not in Dubai of course)
but it's so "grinding"
so think - to fulfill a dream or wait ...
аватар Lissichka-22
About the deposit. $1000 deposit at the hotel! where does this number come from? We rested for a week in a city hotel in Dubai on New Year's Eve in a 4 * hotel, they took $ 30 per person for the entire period.
Of course, we had a much larger budget, but we planned purchases. But girls with a very modest budget rested with us, they just went to relax and go on some excursions - they were also satisfied.
Our neighbors say, paraphrasing the phrase "We are not rich enough to travel to the same country 10 times."
аватар D1mon
Thanks everyone for the informative replies.
аватар Karmel
@Pachok I'm sorry to disappoint you dear in 4+ in the city the deposit was 300 dirhams per room for 12 days. it was simply not in two stars)
аватар Pachok
Ah, I'm so disappointed! :)
There are strange people...
аватар Karmel
See, I was not mistaken in my assumption :))
аватар Babytour
The level of the hotel in Egypt for this money will be higher than in the UAE (or you can relax longer). For a week, the budget is normal, quite. There are indeed deposits in UAE hotels. We gave a credit card, withdrew 180 dirhams, returned it after 3 weeks.
In 4 * hotels the cost is about 150 USD per day in 4 * with breakfast. The cost of food and transport is about the same as in Ukraine. If you have any questions - ask))
аватар zaharov8
Of course, Egypt, the Red Sea there is one of the best in the world, and the UAE is expensive show-off and nothing more, there was a dirty and muddy sea in the Emirates, and you pay literally for everything and the beaches are common there!
аватар r.karavaeva77
I was in the UAE, luxuriously, safely, you can walk, learn and travel endlessly. The people are very responsive, educated, noble! .... but I need a lot of money ...... I want to go to Egypt in Hurghada in February - it's warm, and no less exotic?) What do you say? Haven't been there yet...
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